New Mars Rover Will Make Oxygen

August 4, 2014 | Sophie Weiner

NASA’s next rover to Mars, launching in 2020, will pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into breathable oxygen.

“When we have humans exploring Mars, they can make great use of the oxygen,” Michael Meyer of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program told the press. “We all love that stuff.”

NASA will conduct several experiments on Mars using the rover’s extensive new equipment. This includes “a laser that can vaporize rocks and scan them for their compositions” and a camera with panorama and zoom capabilities. This will be the first camera with zoom to ever land on the Red Planet.

The rover will also collect samples of Martian earth to analyze its contents and scan it for possible life forms. Scientists are not sure yet how these samples will make it to our planet. Associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate  John Grunsfeld speculated, “I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that future astronauts will pick up the sample and bring it to Earth.” (Image: NASA)