City To Crack Down On Shady Clothing Donation Bins

August 6, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The city is finally gearing up to ban those illegal clothing “donation bins” that have been popping up around the city at an increasing rate.

A new bill introduced by Councilman Vincent Gentile “will authorize the Department of Sanitation to immediately remove clothing donation bins illegally placed on public property,” as opposed to just pasting notices on them, Bensonhurst Bean explains. “It also gives the agency the power to issue a $250 fine to first-time violators and $500 fines for repeat offenders.”

There are some bins placed on private property with permission, but the giant metal containers plopped on public streets are totally illegal. The boxes masquerade as for-charity donation pop-up centers. In reality, they are shamelessly duping the public. As reported last year, Green Tree sells of up to 97% of its donations for “reprocessing” while USAGain sells almost all of the contents to thrift stores, all for private profit. The blue Viltex boxes, stenciled with their alleged intentions to “provide money to charities” and “give to employees’ occupation,” does not actually name any of those charities on their website.

The bill already has the mayor’s support is not yet scheduled for a vote or hearing. (Image: Ditmas Park Corner)