Here Are The Safest Citi Bike Stations For Your First Time

August 13, 2014 | Marina Galperina

From the data enthusiast who brought you Brighton Beach’s penchant for massage therapy and the worst times for NY traffic (basically, all the times), here is I Quant NYs Ben Wellington preparing to try out a Citi Bike — in the safest way possible, utilizing the company’s system data and the city’s vehicle/bicycle collision information.

I decided to crunch some numbers to find the stations in the system that have had the least/most number of reported cycling injuries around them from Jan 2013 – May 2014.  (Note that these are not Citi Bike specific injuries, but rather all cycling injuries reported to the police involving a Motor Vehicle)… For each accident resulting in a death or injury, I mapped it to the closest Citi Bike station. That gave an injury count per station. I then divided the result by the total area covered by that station. The results in an injury-per-square-foot metric.

Among the stations inside the most Citi Bike-accident prone areas are the stations at Norfolk Street and Broom Street, at 6th Avenue and West 33rd Street, and at Broadway and East 14th street.

And the safest of the 32 Citi Bike stations with no reported Citi Bike injuries in 2013 are the station at 3rd Avenue and Shemerhorn Street, at Adelphi St and Myrtle Avenue and at Avenue D and East 12th Street.

Ready now? Check the full post for more information, get a helmet, look at this map and stay the hell away from the Williamsburg Bridge exit.

(Photo: @13873181@N06)