Bedbugs Reported On Another Subway Train, MTA Employee’s Home

August 14, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Earlier this month, three N trains were fumigated for bedbugs. According to Business Insider, the MTA is now investigating a bedbug sighting on the 7 train. And though prior reports said that the insects were found in train conductors’ cushions, the tipster said, “The cart I was in was one or two carts behind the center operator cart.” 

Now, an MTA cleaner has also come forward to anonymously report that her Brooklyn apartment became infested with bedbugs before her work locker room at Ditmars Blvd. station was fumigated. “They fumigated my location on Wednesday, but I started scratching two days earlier,”  the 54-year-old grandmother told the Daily News, “I had nothing before that date and now they’ve infested my home.”

An MTA spokesperson said that they will not be fumigating the employee’s home because it is not their property. Their employee is distressed and says the bugs are everywhere — “They’re all over me… They’re all over my clothes and the MTA isn’t doing a damn thing!” — but refuses to call her landlord because she doesn’t want him to know about the infestation. (Photo: Wikipedia)