The NSFW Forest Nymph That Lives Behind The School

August 21, 2014 | Marina Galperina

In one of the best narrative music videos we’ve seen in a few years, here’s Hot Sugar‘s melancholy “The Forest Nymph That Lives Behind The School.” Directed by Hot Sugar aka Nick Koenig himself, the video follows a young school kid through his oppressive daily tedium until he finally goes down that path in the forest behind his school. And then, an encounter!

Warning: Viewers offended by nudity will be offended by nudity. And that’s too bad. With many interpretations of the naked apparition and the many jarring psychological sexual firsts it conjures, you’d be really missing out.

“The social networks that have become indispensable to our methods of communication have a stubborn and indiscriminate response towards nudity,” Nick Koenig tells ANIMAL. “In their efforts to protect their users from obscenity they frequently end up censoring Art. The video portrays a repressed and conservative society as the result of these conservative social media policies.”

UPDATE: YouTube took it down. Vimeo is up now.