Anti-Cop Graffiti Suspect Charged With “Criminal Mischief As A Hate Crime”

September 3, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Rosella Best, 36, was arrested on Monday for allegedly tagging police cars, vans, scooters, and a school in Brooklyn with anti-cop sentiments. The messages “Nazis=NYPD” and “NYPD pick on the innocent” were discovered on PS 31 near Lorimer and Meserole Streets. Other spray-painted statements included “NYPD pick on the harmless” and “a wrongful arrest is a crime.” The NYPD says that Best was caught on video surveillance. The “a blond-haired, blue-eyed vandal” is being charged with “aggravated harassment, criminal mischief as a hate crime, which is considered a felony,” according to the Post.

In light of violent incidents this summer, the NYPD’s approval rating has dropped significantly. Perhaps the cops are treating this incident so harshly because they feel that “NYPD pick on the harmless” is an unfair generalization that only applies to some police. Good job for getting this dangerous criminal off the streets, as Best’s next hateful slogan may have been, “NYPD take themselves too seriously and charge people with multiple felonies for petty crimes.” (Photo: Daily News)