Roaches On The Dancefloor

September 4, 2014 | Marina Galperina

From the YouTube channel that brought us gloriously swinging scrotum and BHQF’s “how to” art, here’s a “Bugz” from Berlin-based Low Concept. MOCAtv explains that Low Concept is a joint Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man, Millennium) and Daniel Fisher (Physical Therapy) “attempt to make literally low concept, functional music for the dancefloor.”

What’s the roaches? Why is one of them breakdancing? What’d they spray him with? It looks fun?

The title track of their debut EP, “Bugz” is delivered from the point of view of a DJ, looking down the teeming masses of dancers below the booth. The relationship between the DJ and the dancers, and the animalistic nature of nightlife, is made more explicit by the placement of live bugs in a scale model of a club.

The model is designed and constructed by Haimala, an architect by trade. The model, which measures only one square meter, is filled with 200 beetles, and an African cockroach and praying mantis, which represent the DJ and the security guard.

Gross. Clubs.