Shocking Video of Man Who Set Himself Ablaze While Preparing Hookah Tobacco

October 23, 2014 | Bucky Turco

On Tuesday, a severely burned Brooklyn man died sustained of injuries sustained from an explosion. Saram Mohammed,22, was reportedly drying some of that stuff people smoke in hookahs, when something went very, very wrong. According to the Daily News, he was “mixing acetone and coconut oil” for an “upcoming hookah binge,” and his clothes burst into flames after fumes from the acetone were ignited by the the pilot light on the water heater.

Video footage shows the 22-year-old running across the street, pants (and shirt) on fire, underneath the elevated F line in Borough Park. He almost runs into a truck and then a woman as he continues down the block, consumed in smoke. Mohammed was eventually extinguished by local residents and taken to the hospital. He had burns over 90% of his body and later died.