Raccoon Does A Very Raccoon Thing In Queens

October 28, 2014 | Kyle Chayka

Fed up with the world and all its bullshit, a raccoon had his Michael Douglas in Falling Down moment in Queens. According to NBC New York, the animal climbed up to the top of a light post at Woodhaven Boulevard and 95th Street in Ozone Park and refused to come down. It’s exact demands were unknown, but the NYPD rushed to the scene after receiving a call around 3:15PM.

The masked critter’s resolve and dedication were tested as the clock bled into prime foraging and feeding hours. Firefighters, using their big human brains, were able to resolve the situation within an hour by using a pole with a hoop on it to corral the animal off the pole.

Opposable thumbs win again.

(Photo: Phyllis Taiano)