Snaks 5th Avenchew Wins Pun-ny Legal Fight

October 29, 2014 | Rhett Jones

An entrepreneur from Hoboken was just trying to make some dough off her pastries and dog treats when she received a cease-and-desist letter from luxury retail giant Saks Fifth Avenue. They claimed that her company, Snaks 5th Avenchew, was biting into their style and was in violation of copyright. But the small business owner, Carrie Sarabella, believed she still had a dog in this fight.

Sarabella commissioned Sam Israel, a top copyright lawyer, to represent her and he didn’t paws for a second before agreeing to take the case. Israel argued that Sarabella’s brand was fair-use because it fell under the classification of parody, much like pet-perfume brand Tommy Holedigger and fluffy toys maker Chewy Vuiton, both of which had won court cases with Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton.

Two weeks ago, a letter arrived from Saks Fifth Avenue, saying they wouldn’t pursue the case any further. Sarabella was paws-itively elated, telling the Daily News, “I couldn’t be more excited, relieved and happy.” The dogs will be able to continue eating their treats with the feeling that they too can live the high life. Bone Appétit. (Photo: Snaks Fifth Avenchew)