An Unauthorized Look Around Grand Central Terminal

October 29, 2014 | Bucky Turco

The same urban explorer who recently snuck into the 13-foot-wide Tiffany clock at Grand Central Terminal posted some new photos of the storied building. Instagrammer @dark.cyanide and his accomplice, @dirtydav1, accessed the catwalks used mostly by workers high above the main concourse — and they didn’t stop there.

“How often do you get a chance to go on the roof of Grand Central Terminal?” asked @dark.cyanide rhetorically by email. The “old architecture of the building and how its all held together after a century old” is what motivated him to document this off limits area of the historic space.

It’s also one of the city’s best guarded landmarks. “Cameras are hidden everywhere in places you least expect,” he said. “And yes they are monitored.”

That’s not the only obstacle professional trespassers must overcome. In mid-September, Governor Cuomo ordered increased patrols of the terminal and other “mass transit sites” due to “increasing terrorist activity overseas.”

Last month, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) proposed legislation that would essentially make urban exploring a federal crime. But neither of these initiatives dissuaded @dark.cyanide from documenting Grand Central.

He did however acknowledge that it’s not an easy feat to pull off, and offered this bit of advice for neophyte photographers: “Dont try it, you wont make it far. Grand Central security is no joke.”

(Photos: @dark.cyanide)