Here’s The Hot New Way To Pirate Movies

October 30, 2014 | Rhett Jones

BitTorrent is the most popular way to pirate games, music, films and every other form of media that can be made into ones and zeroes, and it just got a hell of a lot easier to do. The new site joker.org gives you a simple way to copy-and-paste a torrent link and just stream it right there on the web.

While BitTorrent is extremely easy to use, it does require downloading an extra program, going to a torrent site, finding what you want, and waiting for anywhere between two minutes and two weeks for it to download, depending on the file size. Not to mention the whole thing about it being illegal and stuff. With Joker, you get it almost immediately if it’s a popular torrent, and the legal issues would seem to be on Joker (don’t quote us on that).

As of now, Joker worked for us and we were able to stream Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes in high quality, waiting only about thirty seconds for it to load. We just went to a torrent site, searched what we wanted, clicked on the result, right-clicked the little magnet icon, copied the link and pasted into Joker. It’s that easy.

There have been reports that the site is overloaded and some people can’t get it to work, but that will probably smooth out with time. The real question is who’s doing this, and what’s their game plan? How long will they skirt the law, and will it be monetized sooner, rather than later? (Photo: Joker)