Moby Brings Photos and Apocalyptic Theory To Chelsea Gallery

October 30, 2014 | Rhett Jones

What’s Moby been up to? To answer the question that absolutely no one asked: he’s still making music and living in a castle in the Hollywood Hills, while formulating ideas about how we’ve all been in living in a post-apocalyptic world since 9/11. Being really rich gives a man time to think, and having no hair means the ideas don’t get all trapped before entering your brainspace.

The former top 40 electronic cross-over hit-maker has taken his theories about the end of the world and created an imaginary “Cult of Innocents” that he photographs in masks doing cult-y things like standing in a circle or standing in a supermarket.

The photos are now on display at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery and you can get a nice dose of gallery PR speak about them here.

Why does the cult member wear a monkey mask?  “I want someone to look at it and have a conditioned reaction, and if possible even question where that reaction is coming from,” says Moby. Why does monkey-mask-man stand in a grocery store? “This strange figure with a fixed gaze calls to one’s mind the consumerist society of our time,” says the gallery.

Moby’s cliche-filled, just shoot-it-with-a fisheye photographs will be taking up gallery space in Chelsea through November 23rd.

(Photo: Moby)