The Internet Archive Just Dropped 900 Classic Games For Your Free In-Browser Pleasure

November 3, 2014 | Rhett Jones

The Internet Archive continues to be one of the coolest destinations on the web. On Monday, the site pulled out 900 games for you to play for free in your web browser. And it’s not just a bunch of rinky-dink garbage either — there are tons of classics and overlooked gems in there.

While it’s meant to be fun, as with all projects at the Archive, there’s an altruistic purpose behind it as well. Jason Scott, a programmer for the organization writes:

“My hope is that a handful, a probably tiny percentage, will begin plotting out ways to use this stuff in research, in writing, and remixing these old games into understanding their contexts. Time will tell.”

Here are our favorites just to get you started:


Crystal Castles is a front runner for the best arcade game ever and sorely overlooked.


Tapper’s an ingenuous little game that answers the age old question: How do you sell Budweiser to six-year-olds?


Golden Axe is one of the original and still one of the best Hack-and-Slashers.


Ghosts ‘n Goblins is only for the masochist gamer who enjoys losing.


Paperboy is still a really freaking weird game. You’re a paperboy. Who has to avoid the grim reaper.

(Photo: Internet Archive)