It Sucks To Be A Conde Nast Employee Today: Move-In Day for One WTC

November 3, 2014 | Bucky Turco

The tall, ugly building that’s referred to as One WTC — even though it looks like nothing like the original North Tower of the same name that was destroyed on 9/11 — officially opened its doors for business on Monday. It’s being widely reported that Conde Nast has started to transfer its workforce from Times Square into the bland skyscraper, but according to the Associated Press, “only about 170 of his company’s 3,400 employees are moving in now.” The publishing giant leased “floors 20 through 44, a total of 1.2 million square feet,” reports the Times. Remaining staff will join their colleagues in the first few months of 2015. Forty percent of the building is still vacant.

During his Better Out Than In residency in 2013, British street artist Banksy blasted the landmark, claiming that it “looks like something they would build in Canada.” Surely a sentiment that many New Yorkers share with him.

(Photo: Bucky Turco/ANIMALNewYork)