Nice Older Jewish Man Looking For Love In All The Analog Places

November 14, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

Screw missed connections, creepy single guy, and every other modern-day way people try to find love matches in this city. This older gentleman is kicking it OG style, posting a lovely ad on a telephone poll in the most analog way possible.

A reader of local blog WestsideRag sent in the tip after seeing the personals ad posted on West End Avenue somewhere in the mid-80s. The best part is that the only way you can respond is by sending Mr. Harris real, actual mail to a P.O. Box in the city. You’re only worthy of consideration if you are willing to send him a card, a letter, or some other creative postmarked item.

I love this so much (it better be real) that I wrote him a letter, which you can see below.

I don’t qualify just yet, but if this man is here in 10 years, I’ll be waiting.

Or, I could see if this amazing human is still seeking his soul mate.

(Photo: Westsiderag)