Scandalous Poll Of Travelers Ranks New York The Fourth Most Fun City

November 14, 2014 | Rhett Jones

You’d think there’d be nothing remotely scandalous about a poll that ranks the most fun cities in the world, but a recent survey might make you reconsider that: GetYourGuide and GoEuro commissioned a survey of almost 2000 travelers that sought to determine what the most fun city in the world was and their conclusion was BERLIN! Ah, but where is GoEuro based? That’s right, BERLIN! It seems like someone’s spiking the party punch with sauerkraut.

London fell from the No. 1 spot to 2nd place and NYC came in at No. 4. New York did win in the concerts category, but was surprisingly beat out on the museums front by Tokyo and Moscow.

Here’s why New York is more fun than the three cities that outranked it:

1. Berlin

Berlin’s a tough one. They’re mad cool. They’ve got New York on the party scene, but according to Funky Traveler:

In Germany you will find a strong consensual trust and respect for the law. One thing you should note is that jay-walking – crossing the street when you are not at a pedestrian crossing with a green light, even when there is no traffic – carries a statutory fine.

What’s so fun about perfectly obeying the law all the time?

2. London

This one’s easy. London’s last call is 2 AM, and according to Trip Advisor, most pubs close at 11 PM. Done.

3. Paris

First of all — French hip-hop sucks. And the French have a reputation for being assholes if you don’t speak French. Also, they eat snails. So unless your idea of fun is just a big cheese bender, New York wins this one.

(Photo: Wikipedia)