Miley Cyrus Brings “Real Deal” Art To Miami Art Basel

December 4, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Miley Cyrus’s art career just got a big bump in the city of doing bumps. She brought her work to Miami Art Basel on Wednesday to a show that was partly organized by art world royalty/court jester Jeffrey Deitch.

Cyrus first started showing art earlier this fall on September 11th at 11 Mercer Street. She displayed bongs with stuff stuck on them and “yummy-cum” party hats that she thought a lot about because according to the artist, “I try to think about everything so it has a story to me.”

With her Miami Art Basel debut, she’s brought her crafty stoner-sculptures, displayed alongside some pretty funny meme-y style posters. Bringing in Jeffrey Deitch is either a really good thing or a really bad thing for Cyrus. After his poorly received performance as director of Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, many people in the art world have lost respect for him. Specifically, he was criticized for working with celebrities too much but hey, he’s still got some cred left … maybe. Deitch threw down some serious endorsement of Miley, calling her “the real deal”:

It’s southern outsider art, very close to Mike Kelley. We have a remarkable situation where someone channels her vision through music, art, theater, and fashion.

Whatever, Miley Cyrus is the least annoying of all celebrities trying to break into art. She just makes what she likes and isn’t really putting on a front about anything. I officially endorse Team Miley/Deitch. Lets be clear though, she ain’t no Mike Kelley.


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