This Flower Pot Can Move Itself To Sunlight

December 30, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

Lazy citydwellers, meet Chasing Sunlight, a mobile flower pot. With this invention, you’ll be able to care for houseplants without worrying about having a green thumb, let alone any thumbs, because your flower pot will move itself to sunlight.

Creators Xiaolong Mu and Shu Zhang, graduate students in NYU’s ITP program, created a motorized pot with light sensors that can “determine the brightest direction in the room” and move towards the light. Why would anyone build something like this? The two students explain on a blog post:

We think the plants also can live like mammal or insect, it can run and have its own desire. We also have a preset for plants set in the pot, and the flower pot will give the plants appropriate sun light according to its species. the user who own this flower pot will also get benefit from this, he don’t have to worry about the the plants’s photosynthesis anymore, in the daytime the pot will move close to the window, and at night it will move into the shade to breath.

Check it out in motion in the video above.