This Monkey Net Art Game Will Tell Your Future And Give You A Seizure

December 30, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Who needs tarot cards when you can shake a barrel of monkeys while charging your destiny, listen to some sick drum & bass and read your future through an intricate system of glitched out apes? Monkey Fortune Tell  is a mini-game that was cooked up by Alien Melon during a game development jam session and it makes your Magic Eight Ball look so last century.

Here’s what Alien Melon has to say about it:

There is a pentagram in a circle with symbols surrounding it onto which you must cast the “monkeys in a barrel.” The placement of the monkeys on the board, relative to the surrounding symbols and center, will tell you about yourself, your problems, and their solutions.

If you’re not into the divination side of things, just click through for the great art and check out their equally ape shit website Tetrageddon.


(Photo: Alien Melon) (h/t Leigh Alexander)