Developer Plans Williamsburg Hotel With Bar In Water Tower

January 9, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Just when it seems like Williamsburg couldn’t outdo itself when it comes to being bougie, a hotel developer comes along and says he’ll be putting an exclusive bar inside a water tower on top of his latest place.

According to Eater:

Hotel developer Toby Moskovits is planning to open an 150-room hotel just down the street from the Wythe Hotel, and with it the most twee bar to ever come to the hipster capital of NYC. If the hotel gets the SLA sign-off, it will host a restaurant and six or so bars intimate bars including one that looks like a grand ballroom, a cellar bar, and (drumroll), a 30-seat bar inside a water tower on the hotel’s roof.

Unlike the time that ANIMAL went to that pop-up speakeasy in a water tower, this will be a fake water tower that has yet to be built on the proposed building and would be entirely legal. Nothing to get upset about, just a little more of the same faux-slumming it that Williamsburg has come to represent.

(Photo: Google Maps)