Here’s The Most Dangerous Sex Position, According To Scientists

January 22, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Danger is sexy. So is switching up your coital positions and keeping it fresh. It would stand to reason that if science tells you that one position is the most dangerous of all then everyone will want to do it — but beware! The consequences aren’t pretty.

Researchers in Brazil have determined that the “Cowgirl Position” a.k.a. woman on top, riding the man, is responsible for more than half of penis fractures. (note: for the sake of accuracy we’re using the researchers’ terms of man and woman despite the fact that there are other possible and common combinations of the sexes.) Maybe a fracture doesn’t sound like the biggest deal in the world (hey! it ain’t broken). But the extra detail that half of the men who experience a penis fracture hear an audible snap adds quite the visceral detail. It’s also extremely painful.

The runner-up for most dangerous position, with 29% of penile fractures, goes to “Doggy Style” a.k.a. woman on all fours. The safest position, predictably turns out to be “Missionary” a.k.a. man on top face to face with their partner a.k.a. what your parents do.

It should be kept in mind that this is a study for a journal called Advances In Urologyso it would seem that those involved were quite focused on injuries to the penis. It would also be difficult to determine the frequency of a person throwing their back out while having sex, for example, because that’s not information that’s always volunteered to a doctor.

Just remember, it’s all in the motion of the ocean.

(Photo: Wikipedia)