Billboard With A View: Climb To the Only Spot In Times Square Safe From Tourists

February 2, 2015 | Bucky Turco

After giving the world a look inside the world’s largest Tiffany’s clock and an unauthorized view of Grand Central Terminal, the NYC-based urban explorer who goes by the villainous-sounding Instagram handle Dark Cyanide shows us what it’s like to visit the only part of Times Square that’s worth checking out. The self-professed “thrill seeker and photographer” climbed to the top of the massive billboard on 47th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. It sits high above the iconic TKTS steps. ANIMAL obtained exclusive video footage of the mission.

Due to the sensitive nature of the adventure, the fearless lensman was short on details, but he did dish a few: It was done late at night, when there would be the fewest number of potential eyewitnesses. He had to stow his backpack halfway up the climb, where the space got very “narrow” and “cramped.” All the major news networks have their cameras mounted up top, but luckily they’re all trained on Times Square.


All told, it took him about 10 minutes and a whole lotta heart.

(Photos: dark.cyanide)