Get Inside An Atomic Bomb With This Interactive Model

February 20, 2015 | Nicholas Rohaidy

A group of physicists and experts on nuclear security have teamed up to address what they believe to be some of the most critical challenges facing the world today: achieving nuclear disarmament, stopping nuclear proliferation and preventing nuclear terrorism. They contributed to the efforts with the release of their book Unmaking The Bomb.

The multi-authored book proposes a new approach to achieving these goals – with the point that elimination of these nuclear materials is not only vital, but very possible “if we focus on the production, stockpiling, and disposal of plutonium and highly enriched uranium—the fissile materials that are the key ingredients used to make nuclear weapons.”

The book’s official website also features an interactive model analyzing and describing each part of an atomic bomb, allowing you to really see what is happening on the inside of one of these weapons of mass destruction. Check it out here.

(Image: Alex Wellerstein)