Humanity Will Be Sending Drawings of Dicks To the Moon (Again)

May 7, 2015 | Liam Mathews

In 2016, scientists from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute will land a spacecraft on the moon. Strapped to the bottom of the lander with the intention to be left behind will be a little four-chambered capsule filled with art that represents life on Earth at the present moment. One of the chambers will contain thousands of doodles drawn by random internet users. Therefore, drawings of dicks will be sent to the moon.

Before you get all “you don’t know for sure that there’s gonna dicks in there,” know that I’m just telling you what I read in Wired. That highly-regarded tech magazine’s Liz Stinson spoke to the artists spearheading the project, and Golan Levin, an artist and head of CMU’s Frank Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry, confirmed to her that exactly 3.89% percent of all the drawings submitted to the project were dicks. There’s even a unit of measurement for dick pics: T2P, or “time to penis,” which is “the time it takes for a penis to be drawn on any new platform.”

This isn’t even the first time a dick pic has been sent to the moon. Andy Warhol sent a (possibly apocryphal) one with Apollo 12 in 1969, just four months after humans landed on the moon for the first time. And space cocks aren’t even limited to the moon, since a rover drew a dick on Mars, too.

Carnegie Mellon’s project is called the Moon Arts Ark. It was designed by Lowry Burgess, a CMU professor who was the first person to send NASA-approved art into space. The Ark is a six-ounce capsule containing 4 2×2 inch chambers stuffed with different tiny artworks that represent human life circa 2015. One of the works is a collection of 10,000 crowdsourced drawings laser-etched into a tiny sapphire disc, and some of those drawings will be dicks. If you want to add a drawing (of anything, but probably of a dick), the deadline is 11:59 PM EST.

(Photo: Tambako the Jaguar)