Graffiti Writer Claims To Have Painted the World’s Largest Graffiti

May 28, 2015 | Bucky Turco

The production company that brought the world Bum Fights and other incorrigible films, recently documented what they’re calling the “largest illegal graffiti piece in the world.” It was painted by West Coast graffiti writer AWARE, who has done some clever freights and other large scale actions on an old runway outside of Cuddeback Lake in the Mojave Desert where the Air Force used to test armaments. But is it even comparable to what SABER did on the LA River or worthy of the world’s largest title? 12oz Prophet doesn’t seem to think so:

“The man hours and resources that must have gone into it are indeed incredible, but we can’t help but feel that its legitimacy is lessened because it’s on the ground.”

They got a point, ’cause otherwise LUECKE is the undisputed king, even if it is made out a forrest.