The A and C Trains Will Be the F Train Every Weekend For The Rest Of Your Life

June 22, 2015 | Liam Mathews

Due to ongoing repair work, the A and C trains will be rerouted over the F line between Jay Street-Metrotech and West 4th Street for 40 nonconsecutive weekends over the next 16 months, the Daily News reports.


The Cranberry Tube, the tunnel under the East River that carries the A and C trains, was flooded with saltwater during Hurricane Sandy and badly damaged. Repair work from that storm will still be going on in 2016. So the tunnel is being closed for a good reason, but it’s still a pain.

The closures will start July 11. The trains will be rerouted 12 weekends between then and November 14. So if you’re taking the A train to Lower Manhattan on a weekend anytime in the near future, make sure you check MTA.info. You don’t want to be on a train that all of a sudden is going to an entirely different place than where you were expecting. Here’s a free idea for whoever cares to take it: make an “Is the L train fucked“-style app for the weekend A and C trains. The F train will not be affected, and will continue to run when it feels like running.

(Photo: Brian)