Finally, a cure for Upworthy syndrome: Downworthy, a browser extension that tones down the hyperbolic language that started on the similarly-named viral content farm and has gradually been spreading across the internet like, well, a virus. Brilliant! Here are a few Downworthy-altered headlines from bastard-son-of-Upworthy Viral Nova:

Here Are 20 Painfully Ordinary Places You Would Swear Aren’t Real… But They Are.

He Dropped His Dog Off At The Sitter. What Happened Next Is Every Pet Owner’s Vaguely Unpleasant Nightmare.

Finally.. A Roller Coaster For People Who Hate Roller Coasters. This Is Probably Slightly Less Boring Than Working.

Does ANYONE Fucking Care About What’s Revealed When This Glacier Lake Melts. *yawn*.

She Spent Two Weeks Making This For Her Grandpa’s Birthday. How It Turned Out Is Just…Oh GOD This is SO Boring. Please Kill Me.

Not bad. If you like, you might as well eradicate the word “hipster” while you’re at it.