For Just $4,998,738, You Can Make One Man’s Spin Doctors Biopic Dream Come True

January 11, 2013 | Andy Cush

“I believe the artistic and cultural implications for this project, if completed, would be immeasurable,” writes “filmmaker” Daniel Nadolny of his latest endeavor: a biopic of the ’90s bro-rock favorites the Spin Doctors featuring Daniel Stern, the non-Joe Pesci burglar from Home Alone, in the lead role. Great! The only problem? Nadolny isn’t actually a filmmaker and has never met the Spin Doctors or Daniel Stern.

So he’s doing what any enterprising artist would do: setting up a Kickstarter page and asking for your money! At the time of this writing, he’s amassed $1,270 of his paltry $5,000,000 goal. Easy peasy!

“The challenges to my project are obvious. Creating a screenplay that captures the bold and innovative history of the band (featuring Daniel Stern as the singer) will be laborious,” he writes. “As a musician and fan of the films Home Alone, City Slickers, and Celtic Pride, I am uniquely qualified to lend credence to the story of The Spin Doctors while maintaining the artistic respect due to an actor of Daniel Stern’s caliber.”

Watch his super enthusiastic pitch video below.