Look at This Gorgeous Glitch Portrait of the New York Skyline

January 21, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Oh my God. Hold me. This is beautiful.

Let’s all just look at this gorgeous glitch portrait of the New York Germany-based artist Kim Asendorf who works with experimental “generative strategies, physical computing, data and glitch” and tell me how this is less relevant than Turner. Because it’s not.

In 2010, Asendorf coined the term “pixel sorting” — an algorithmic image manipulation process that re-translplants pixels within an image, scrambling it into glitch perfection.

Oh, and do you like glitch GIFs like this?

Because he also makes glitch GIFs. Here’s 80.

See his work at the Rollin Leonard-curated art show “Parcel” at the Bronx Art Space for mountain, grass, grasstain ‘n’ mouss masterpiece.

Your move, painting…