Marina Abramović Is Making a Movie About James Franco Now

February 26, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“I’m interested to explain ‘Who is James Franco?’ and ‘Why is he doing what he’s doing?’ He hardly sleeps or has a life. He just keeps going.”

That’s performance artist superstar Marina Abramović gushing about her Friend Since 2010 James Franco. He is “the most interesting actor of the moment” because he’s not afraid of failure, etc.

It makes perfect sense, really. Marina is so pop. She has this opera with Antony from Antony and the Johnsons, she stars in music videos, and she’s a really big fucking deal artist, you know? Also, sexy.

And Franco? When not playing a drug dealer plowing through a harem of crazy criminal teen girlsdirecting REM videos with Terry Richardson and Lindsay Lohan or being a dick to James Deen, he’s very busy murdering teddy bears, getting cut with knives and selling air, e.i. MAKING #ART.

So what’s this project going to be, Marina? TELL. NOW. Franco said his sex tape was “boring.” Just sayin’ I mean like if the internet is just going to give me everything I want ever now all the time DO IT DO IT DO IT ah? ah?

“Who is James Franco?”

Here is James Franco getting expected, preferencial VIP celebrity treatment to sit down with Marina at the Artist is Present.

James Franco is always present.