What Should Be Done With the Defunct Soda Ban-Friendly Cups?

March 13, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban is currently kaput, which is nice, but some eateries in the city are still (justifiably) pissed. Restaurants like Schnipper’s bought all these small beverage cups to comply with the dumb regulations, but those dumb regulations never happened. So now, there are 100,000 cups Schnipper’s can’t return or use, because they provide unlimited free refills, and why would you want a smaller cup to refill? What should be done with them? Let’s brainstorm!

-Make a giant cup pyramid in the middle of any street and mess up traffic. Make sure to record (with slowmo, obviously) when an impatient driver boils over and plows into it.

-Keep them on hand to help bail out a flooded subway station the next time a water main breaks in this city’s slipshod utilies structure. If you want the N train to resume service today, start bailing this fetid water out, jabronis!

-Sponsor a cup stacking team. Maybe you can get some money in return! This seems financially smart.

-One giant game of flip cup, with two 50,000-person teams. EPIC, BRO.

-Art. Some kind of art. Rip a few cups up and talk about how it represents a loss of innocence or something.

-Break into Bloomberg’s town house and fill his bedroom up with 100,000 cups. It’s a symbolic protest, or something.

-Fill some up with water and strategically place them around dog parks so those pooches can always stay hydrated. Sit back and admire your puppy public service.

Put your own in the comments below.