Jimmy McMillan Doesn’t Mind More 7-Elevens

March 20, 2013 | Samer Kalaf

East Village residents might be against Pringle-ization, but mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan would be fine with more 7-Eleven stores in NYC. His simple reasoning? It’s cheaper.

In an interview with The Local:

I applaud 7-Eleven! I hope 7-Elevens pop up all over the place. Anything that opens so people can grab a quick snack on their way to work, I welcome that.

The reason you see places like 7-Eleven and Walmart popping up all over the country is because people can’t afford to shop on Fifth Avenue. People complain that 7-Eleven is turning the East Village into a mall but they are not talking about the real issues that will get America back on track.

“Real issues” to McMillan include college tuition and, of course, rent being too damn high. McMillan’s tendency of going against the grain can be interesting or groan-worthy, but it’s rarely dull.

(Photo: Ryan Stanton/Flickr)