The Internet Archive Seeking Internet Ninjas for “Tumblr Residencies”

April 10, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

San Francisco’s non-profit digital library The Internet Archive has announced an open call for internet innovators/curators to hold week-long “Tumblr residencies” on their site. 52 selected winners will have the opportunity to showcase their skills by creating custom tumblr themes for a URL (provided by the IA crew) and then posting a week’s worth of materials from the massive archives, which the virtual resident can “sequence, combine, and remix” to their heart’s content. These pimped-out custom tumblers will then be immortalized in the IA’s digital library.

This is an exciting opportunity for “creators, hackers, educators, curators, tumblr kids and anyone else looking to play with some code and content.” The Internet Archive, whose motto is “universal access to all knowledge,” became an official library in 2007, and is one of the largest databases of free virtual content on the internet.

Following Hyperallergic’s Tumblr Symposium and the Tumblr/Rhizome Internet Art Grant, this is yet another example of Tumblr’s growing status as a serious platform for no-bullshit art and scholarship. Apply for the virtual residency here.

(Image: Molly Soda, why not)