Amanda Bynes is the Greatest Artist of Our Time

April 16, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

I’ve been desperately trying not to comment on Amanda Bynes, seeing as celebrity meltdowns are nothing new or particularly interesting, however…

At this point, I’m convinced that what Amanda Bynes has been doing on Twitter and in public is purely intentional. It may very well actually be art. I believe that Bynes is not only looking at, but is heavily influenced by the work of artist Petra Cortright.

Cortright works largely with self shot webcam videos as her medium, something Bynes has just recently started doing (and will hopefully continue doing in the future). The latest “artwork” from Bynes comes in the form of a short video that’s been getting quite a bit of traffic. Here’s a comparison of a video by Petra Cortright as well as a video by Amanda Bynes. Each video seems to share many aesthetic similarities. Both are filming themselves listening to techno music and both seem to be doing quite “domestic” activities.

A new work uploaded by Amanda Bynes earlier last evening:

To me this seems all too much like when Joaquin Phoenix had apparently lost his mind and quit acting, yet it was just a stunt to simply generate hype for the resulting film. Is Bynes performatively bouncing between popular culture and this small bubble that we refer to as “the art world?” Or…

True Life: I’m a Selfie – (Fake True’s Negativity Remix) by Petra Cortright