Welcome the Hallucinatory, Face-Morphing Light

April 16, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Spanish video artist Nacho Guzman knows how to make your brain feel fuzzy with some simple low-budget lighting techniques. In this clip from his upcoming music video for French electro group Opale, he expertly manipulates the lighting on his subject’s face, creating a series of eerie, psychedelic optical illusions. Using a Canon 5D Mark II DSLE, two lenses, and some rotating LED lights, Guzman tricks the eyes into seeing a (ridiculously gorgeous) face that is perpetually melting, pulsating, and morphing.

The video itself is an homage to French filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot, who invented the rotating lights technique for his unfinished avant garde masterpiece Inferno (L’Enfer). The inspiration is hard to miss — see below.