Farmer’s Markets for Legal Weed?

July 11, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Justin Hartfield, owner of the popular medical marijuana listing service weedmaps.com, seeks to expand his influence by potentially bringing a farmer’s market type of approach to the purchase of medical weed. This type of market would allow for consumers to have wider variety of selection as well as assure a higher standard of quality control while purchasing their herb.

Hartfield plans to base his proposal on the current Boulder Colorado Farmer’s Market model despite what state officials have to say regarding the issue.

“We’re going to get a lot of different proposals about what retail marijuana might look like, and we can’t say this is possible or that is possible without a specific proposal,” said Daria Serna, a spokeswoman for the Colorado’s Department of Revenue responsible for weed regulation policies.

At the moment most medical weed is grown in industrial zones or indoors but if supporters of this method were to assemble a proper proposal this situation could very well stand a chance to become a reality for many of Colorado’s residents.

Current Boulder Colorado Mayor Matt Appelbuam has stated that while he cannot see the situation working he doesn’t want to rule out any alternative possibilities just yet.