“Cubicle Guy Had No Idea That He Was Cubicle Guy” Says #CubicleGuy

July 24, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Anthony Weiner, a NYC mayoral candidate, likes to show random women pics of his dick. Because of that he had to hold a press conference this evening. During that press conference, there was an older guy in the shot who appeared to be leering over the divider as Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma spoke about Weiner’s dick. Because we’re really a nation of children at heart and Internet, that man started trending on Twitter under the name #CubicleGuy. His real name is Jeff McKinney. He’s a reporter for WOR in NYC. Adam Carter of Minneapolis’ WCCO radio, scored an exclusive interview with him.

“Cubicle Guy had no idea that he was Cubicle Guy,” said McKinney speaking in third person. “Cubicle Guy was just there. He was taking notes. He was standing behind Anthony Weiner because that was the only available spot to him because Cubicle Guy was late getting to the news conference, not as it turned out… as late as Anthony Weiner.”

Apparently he “no idea” that he was “going viral on Twitter” until some colleagues informed him. You can hear the short interview here.