Holy Shit, Egypt!

August 15, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Lots of people died in Egypt on Wednesday when riot police backed by the military, used deadly force against pro-Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo. Security forces bulldozed two major encampments near Rabaa Adawiya Square and opened fire on demonstrators. Throughout the day, protesters and security forces clashed violently and according to the Associated Press, the Egyptian Health Ministry placed the death toll at 525 (485 civilians/43 police officers).

As if things couldn’t get any more fractured, MB supporters reportedly burned down and attacked churches all across the country in retaliation. Many in the Brotherhood claim that Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority was implicit in the coup and overwhelmingly backs the military.

Amidst the raging chaos in Cairo, photographer Aly Hazzaa of El Shorouk newspaper snapped images of an armored vehicle plunging off the 6th of October bridge.

The photos have been widely circulated and although many media outlets, including the Associated Press and the Washington Post, are reporting that protesters pushed the vehicle off the span, Hazzaa posted a series of photos on his website leading up to the incident that show otherwise.

He claims the riot cop panicked and reversed off the bridge while getting pelted with rocks. Video footage of the dramatic drop (00:45 mark) from the ground has also emerged and shows just how quickly an already dangerous situation can get that more dangerous at a moment’s notice, as the heavy vehicle comes close to hitting a crowd of rock-throwing protesters below.

A monthlong state of emergency was declared by the interim government. Despite the curfew, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for mass demonstrations throughout the country.

(Photos: Aly Hazzaa)