Light Bulb Only Turns On Online,
Only Turns Off IRL

January 3, 2014 | Marina Galperina

This is OIS, One-way Interaction SculptureIt’s a physical lamp tied to a virtual lamp with a “one-way toggle switch” — it can only be turned ON by clicking the virtual light switch and can only be turned OFF by flipping the physical switch.

In reminiscence to Claude E. Shannon OIS transmits the ON/OFF communication concept of the ‘ultimate machine’ in the era of ‘ubiquitous computing’ and virtual friendship. The connection of the physical and the virtual world blows up the amount of potential participants on the one hand, meanwhile the channel of communication between those two worlds is minimized to the pure principal of ‘0 and 1 of the Internet of Things.’

Claude E. Shannon, A Mathematical Theory of Communication (1963):

German artist duo //////////fur//// “creates multi-sensory artefacts related to the construction and social aspects of computer game culture” and built this as a virtual-physical installation in Karlsruhe, as part of their upcoming 2014 project Art On Your Screen.