Art According to Forbes 30 Under 30

January 6, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Forbes just dropped their annual success ranking. So, what does Forbes 30 Under 30: 450 Game-Changers In 15 Industries Who Are Changing Our World tell us about art? “Our World,” of course, refers to the world of finance, industry, investing, and marketing. And game-changing art, as it as it pertains to finance, industry, investing, and marketing.

Unsurprisingly, there are not a lot of artists. Of the 52 total game-changers in the art industry, there are:
– 3 Artists
– 1 Painter-actress
– 1 Digital Artist
– 1 Illustrator

The rest:
– 6 Fashion Designers
– 6 Furniture Designers
– 2 Industrial Designers
– 2 Jewelry Designers
– 2 Fashion Bloggers
– 1 Design Director
– 1 Graphic Designer
– 1 Eyewear Designer
– 1 Handbag Designer
– 1 Shoe Designer
– 1 Shoemaker

The two art business people were Interim director of MOCA North Miami and the Founder and CEO of Artsy who topped the list, but overwhelmingly, art according to Forbes is luxury design.

Take a cue from Furniture Designers the Haas Brothers. One of them dropped out of RISD. They played in a band in Los Angeles. But despite those early artist struggles, they were able to incorporate their artistic vision directly into making lavish objects — like “couches covered in Icelandic reindeer fur with gold hoof-like feet” — bypassing “famous artist” phase all together and going straight for the “gold leaf bricks for a Louis Vuitton store” and masks for Versace and Lady Gaga, pictured.

Basically, the numbers speak for themselves, if numbers speak to you.