The New York Post Blatantly Misreported NYPD Sideswiping SUV Story

February 23, 2014 | Bucky Turco

On Friday, the New York Post “reported” the following story that likely made even the staunchest of NYPD supporters gasp in horror:

Two Brooklyn cops sideswiped a parked SUV, then arrested a man sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle, accusing him of damaging their car, a suit charges.

And the officers would have gotten away with their lie — had the whole bizarre drama not been caught by a security camera.

ANIMAL posted about it, but hours later, the tabloid published something closer to the truth in a followup article:

NYPD cops Christopher Oliver and Shazad Shigri arrested Jackson for destruction of city property, his suit claims – but the cops only officially charged him with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle because he has a suspended license.

When Oliver and Shigri filled out an incident report they said they struck the SUV.

So, the cops DIDN’T accuse the man of damaging their car. In fact, they ADMITTED to hitting the SUV in their official report. That doesn’t mean the actions the police took afterwards — arresting the man — were right, it just means the Post was wrong.