Inside “Outdoor Gallery” Exhibit and Book Launch

February 26, 2014 | Aymann Ismail

To celebrate the release of Yoav Litvin’s book “Outdoor Gallery,” the Brooklyn art exhibit featured works from more than 40 artists and included 3 collaborative murals and films from DEGA.

“The book is my kind of document of my adventures in New York city,” Litvin tells ANIMAL. “I grew up here in the ’80s, so all the trains were totally bombed with graffiti and tags.”

For his book, Litvin asked artists unique questions about street art, personal art, the future of New York City, techniques and influence, because “That’s how you can see that each artist is totally different.” The show featured work of the featured artists and poignant quotes.

The artists profiled in the book include Chris Stain, Toofly, Joe Iurato, Alice Mizrachi, Nick Walker, Dain, OCMC, Lillian Lorraine, Astrodub, Russell King, Elle Deadsex, Adam Dare, Fumero, Army of One, ASVP, Jilly Ballistic, Enzo and Nio, Miyok, Gilf!, Icy and Sot, Tripel, Hellbent, EKG, Optimo, Roycer, Shiro, Indie184, Cope2, Free5, Cern, Sofia Maldonado, Phetus88, Bishop203, Never Satisfied, ChrisRWK, VengRWK, Gaia, The Yok, Sheryo, Kram, elsol25, bunny M, QRST, ND’A, OverUnder and LunarNewYear.

“With the show, I just wanted to celebrate the art with the artists that are in the book and the diversity in street art.” (Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)