Man Builds, Burns, Builds Giant Jungle House Near a Highway
for 45 Years

February 26, 2014 | Marina Galperina

The Creator Of The Jungle is a documentary film by Jordi Morató, freshly premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. The film follows an eccentric man named “Garrell” who has been building giant, immaculate jungle-like structures and towers in a Spanish forest, for kicks and catharsis. The archival footage used in the film shows him dressing down as Tarzan, chasing away nosey locals, wrestling dangerous animals and saying, “In my jungle I have everything I need. This will be my life. I want nothing to do with the white civilized man.” Morató then shows his sculpture-like constructions in present day full glory. Garrell builds them up and burns them down, again and again. He’s gotten quite good at it. He’s also “The king of fire!” apparently.