Woman Gets Lizard Head in Her Salad

March 12, 2014 | Andy Cush

Robin Sandusky was munching on her kale salad at the Chelsea outpost of Manhattan chain Guy & Gallard when she noticed something unusual lurking among the leafy greens. At first, she thought it was an errant vegetable. Then: “I turned it over, and I could see its eye,” she says. It was, inexplicably, the severed head of an unidentified reptile.

She called the store and, after turning down their offer for a replacement salad, got a full refund. Jason Jeffries, a managing partner at the establishment, apologized without fully admitting blame, telling NBC he wasn’t around to check the salad for lizard body parts when it came back, and that it’s Guy & Gallard’s policy to give a refund when a customer asks for one, without asking for proof of their complaint.

At some point, Sandusky snapped the quite well shot photo above. It kinda looks like okra with eyes.

(Photo: Robin Sandusky)