Help Choose NASA’s Next Insane Spacesuit Design

March 25, 2014 | Andy Cush

The last time NASA rolled out a new spacesuit, it was the Z-1, a prototype that looked like exactly like Buzz Lightyear. Now, the space agency is pursuing its sucessor, the Z-2, by asking the public to vote on one of three designs. All three are batshit crazy.

There’s “Trends in Society,” above, a suit that’s designed to reflect “what every day clothes may look like in the not too distant future.” Peep that massive briefcase.

Also, “Technology,” which “specifically includes electroluminescent wire and patches across the upper and lower torso, exposed rotating bearings, collapsing pleats for mobility and highlighted movement, and abrasion resistant panels on the lower torso.”

Lastly, “Biomimicry,” so called because it mirrors the bioluminescence found in many deep see creatures (just like these glow-in-the-dark trees!)

None of these suits, sadly, will make it into space. The winning design will be limited to operations here on Earth, like vacuum chamber tests, spacewalking training, and mobility evaluations, according to NASA. Voting is open until April 15, and the winning suit will be built by November.