Bill O’Reilly Can’t Handle Beyoncé’s Butt

April 29, 2014 | Andy Cush

As part of a kinda-infuriating, kinda-hilarious segment on how Beyoncé is to blame when black teenagers get pregnant, The O’Reilly Factor aired the above image of Queen Bey’s Butt. Taken from the “Partition” video, it shows Beyoncé from the back, wearing a sparkly, two-tiered black thong.

Bill O’Reilly, in service of his simpleminded, condescending point — a “quest to blame famous black people for perceived problems with America’s black youth,” as Allie Jones at the Wire puts it — has blurred out the butt.

Is Bill really that scared of sex? Does he think that by employing the blur, he can convince his viewers that Beyoncé was airing out her ass, unthong’d, to her legions of impressionable fans? (Not that it would matter if she was!)

In the name of honest journalism, I watched the deplorable clip from whence The Butt came, to see what it really looks like, uncensored and raw. Am I pregnant now?


Watch the O’Reilly clip below, and, for those who think they can look true depravity in the eye without flinching, the full “Partition” video after that. Wear a condom.