Introducing, Obama’s 3D-Printed Presidential Portrait

June 24, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Gone are the days of Lincoln and Washington’s plaster casts. President Obama’s portrait 3D-printed.

Recently produced by the Smithsonian Institution and a team of experts form the University of Southern California, the bust only required five minutes of the president sitting to get his face scanned by handheld 3-D cameras. Then, after an additional 40-hour-long process of digitally programmed plastic-melting, ta-da: This very topical and modern bust. The 3D-printed portrait will reside at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. According to the Los Angeles Times: 

Presidential portrait paintings are a time-honored tradition for all sitting chief executives. But the Smithsonian in Washington has recently broken new ground by creating a 3-D printed portrait of President Obama that is believed to be the first of its kind for a serving president.

Yep. Definitely the first of its kind, unless you count F.A.T. collective’s less realistic but also patriotic Screwmocracy 3D-printed Obama-shaped dildo. (Image: Veooz)