Oculus Rift Turns Actual Wall Into Facebook Wall

September 10, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Why fly, when you can look out your status on your kitchen drawer over there? This latest thing from the Oculus Rift technology Borg locates compatible surfaces in real-time using an RGB-D sensor, and then projects all kinds of internet all over them. Like Facebook.

We present an efficient new real-time approach which densely maps an environment using bounded planes and surfels extracted from depth images (like those produced by RGB-D sensors or dense multi-view stereo reconstruction). Our method offers the every-pixel descriptive power of the latest dense SLAM approaches, but takes advantage directly of the planarity of many parts of real-world scenes via a data-driven process to directly regularize planar regions and represent their accurate extent efficiently using an occupancy approach with on-line compression. Large areas can be mapped efficiently and with useful semantic planar structure which enables intuitive and useful AR applications such as using any wall or other planar surface in a scene to display a user’s content.

What Renato Salas-Moreno said. A-ha, and now we know Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition’s motives, a-ha! Facebook is the matrix. Everything Facebook now. (GIF: Prosthetic Knowledge)