Bloomberg Is Buying Every Embarrassing .NYC Domain With His Name

November 4, 2014 | Rhett Jones

You’ve gotta hand it to former Mayor Mike Bloomberg, he knows his short-comings and he’s determined to beat you to the joke. At some point after the .nyc name became a thing that exists, the billionaire mogul began buying up as many useful — as well as embarrassing –domains related to his name as he could.

According to Domain Name Wire, 400 separate .nyc domains have been bought by a law firm on his behalf.

Of course he covers things he might need, like:

mayormichaelbloomberg.nyc and bloombergphilanthropy.nyc

But he also knows everyone resents his money:

billionairemichaelbloomberg.nyc and michaelbloombergistoorich.nyc

He knows haterz gonna hate:

ihatebloomberg.nyc and fuckbloomberg.nyc

He knows that even if you like him, you just can’t be trusted:

michaelbloombergiscool.nyc and michaelbloombergrocks.nyc

He knows he’s a weiner that sucks and is really short:

bloombergisaweiner.nyc and michaelbloombergsucks.nyc and michaelbloombergistooshort.nyc

He knows you remember that time he stole a third term:

kingbloomberg.nyc and michaelrbloombergrules.nyc

But he’s also a philanthropist and if you’re name is Mike too, he’s got your back:

MikeIsTooShort.nyc and sayyeptomike.nyc and getalifemike.nyc

Check out the full list here and start buying up all those domains he’s missed. We suggest michaelbloombergruinedmycity.nyc, it can just redirect to Vanishing New York.

(Photo: Center For American Progress)